Sunday, May 15, 2011

15 may 2011

Today's A1 was nested inside of a mock A1, an advertisement, which for my purposes meant i had two front pages to incorporate into a drawing (I briefly considered doing two drawings, but that just felt like showing off. Or stupidity. One or the other, i forget which). Bonanza! Or curse? There was so much going on between those two front pages that I was initially overwhelmed. Child labor, in the form of this article (with its accompanying image by Daniel Berehulak), saved the day. So, um, thanks child labor. I would like to point out, for anyone who looks at this blog but doesn't see the print edition of the LA times, that the photo at the top of the web version of Mark Magnier's story about childeren working in Indian coal mines is the same photo that accompanies the printed version. That is often not the case, and I've often wondered why.

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