Friday, June 10, 2011

9 june 2011

Here we see Yosemite's Avalanche Control Team in action. Also, I do believe my next band will be called "Avalanche Control Team." Of course, I've made that same joke previously about another thing I saw in the paper, but that very fact highlights a social benefit the daily paper provides that hardly ever gets mentioned: it is a reliable random band name generator. Let's use the June 10th paper (which is in front of me as I write this) as an example. A cursory glance reveals the following possible band names: Square Patterns, Pingpong, Fearful Turkey, Gingrich Rift, The Buscemi Code, The Shake Up, Dementia Therapy, Vernon and the Family, and the District Maps. That's just today's paper. I guess what I'm saying is that as long as newspapers are being printed, there's really no excuse for your band having a crappy name.

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