Friday, September 16, 2011

16 september 2011


  1. You are really good-and I wonder if you ever sleep with all these images are coming to you daily!
    I am curious to understand this one on the SAT scores, if you care to share.

  2. thanks mairs! I think the SAT thing is mentioned in the 15 september drawing. apparently the SAT scores for the class of 2011 represent a record low in some part of the SAT's illustrious and boring history (see the LAT article here: ). of course, in the body of the article facts and figures emerge that temper and in some way negate that alarming headline. that weird disconnect is part of the fun of drawing the front page. the headlines, which are mostly the only text i use in the drawings, are, at their very best, like line fragments from a beat poem with no attribution--they're punchy, emotional clauses that hint at something more expansive than the sum of their word count. i fragment these fragments because i want to find whatever deeper meaning is nestled in the marrow of these clipped phrases. which makes me, i guess, the large hadron collider of newspaper headlines.