Monday, December 26, 2011

25 december 2011

I'm pretty sure that virtually nobody is looking at this site during this big winter holiday pandenominational clusterfuck, but still i'd like to wish everybody out there in the ether a happy holiday season. as for the mixed media daily family, we've set up a handsome little tree, and i made a nice christmas dinner for everybody here, and now i'm going to begin watching the walking dead season 2. so, um, happy zombie christmas to you all! i'll be back in a few hours to begin the first of the last six drawings for this project.


  1. Last five minutes of the last episode kind of blew my mind.

  2. oh man, toby, that first episode is pretty nuts. zombie herds? but what do you mean by "last episode"? what number is that? i'm not there yet! stop talking about it!