Saturday, June 3, 2017

3 June 2017

Before we all turn our attention away from Trump's cowardly retreat from the Paris accord and onto London, where some terrible shit went down tonight (and which we will no doubt be addressing tomorrow), I would like to talk about today's front page as if it weren't already yesterday's news. In particular, two shout outs need to be, well, shouted out: first, to the many cities and states (four of which are pictured above---house points will be awarded if you can identify any or all of the states) who are basically telling Trump, "no matter what you do or say, we're going to continue to work on fixing climate change, and you can go skullfuck yourself with a lump of flaming coal." To them I say "bravo." Also, "nicely worded!" Second, to the Los Angeles Times front page itself, who paired the headline, "Trump begins resizing U.S. role on world stage" with a photo of Trump using the distance between his thumb and forefinger to describe a very small distance. It's hilarious. Congrats to all involved in putting that beauty together.

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