Tuesday, January 11, 2011

what about the real thing?

Some folks have requested that I post the original LA Times front page along with my drawings, which is a totally fun idea but also one I feel will get me in all sorts of trouble with the coven of scary lawyer types the LA Times undoubtedly keeps on retainer. Still, for anyone who is interested in just what the hell my scribblings have in common with the actual front page, and who lives in an area where the physical paper is not available, or who lives in LA and is too damn lazy to go to the newstand and buy/look at/steal a copy of the LAT, there is a solution: go to www.latimes.com, scroll down to the Print Edition section, and there you will find a downloadable pdf of the front page. Keep in mind, however, that I generally post my drawings of the front pages a day late, and the LAT only has a pdf available of the current day's front page. Thus you will have to download the pdf today to have it available for all of your compare/contrast purposes tomorrow. I haven't looked very deeply into it yet, but it's possible that the LAT has these front page pdfs archived somewhere on their site. If I find out that this is the case, I'll post it here. And if anyone out there finds out before I do, please let me know.

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