Sunday, April 10, 2011

10 april 2011

At the same time that I pour a little on the curb for the brilliant Sidney Lumet, I also celebrate a personal milestone; today is the 100th drawing completed for Mixed Media Daily. It's not halfway there--hell, it's not even quite a third of the way there--but it is a nice round number, and, hey, any reason to throw a party, right?

As part of the festivities, I have compiled an informal list tallying some of the crap I've had to draw during this first almost-third of my magical mystical journey. It's not an exhaustive list, but it does paint a concise, somewhat surreal picture of what news has been fit to print for the past 100 days:

Egyptians, 78
Iranian Parliament members, 30
Libyans, 24
Jared Lee Loughner, 20
palm trees, 16
pie charts, 9
smoke plumes, 5
sardines, 5
Jerry Brown, 4
tanks, 4
Bijan, 4
President Obama, 4
baseball bats, 4
Vice-President Biden, 1.5
American Flags, 3
scientists, 3
Kadafi, 3
Arnold Schwartzenegger, 3
football helmets, 3
rocket propelled grenade launchers, 3
single family homes, 3
basketball players, 3
dogs, 2
guitars, 2 (1 acoustic, 1 electric)
refrigerators, 2
the Kumari of Nepal, 1
basketball coaches, 1
downed aircraft, 1
Lady Gaga, 1
camels, 1

Make of that what you will, dear reader/lurker. Note that I compiled this list very quickly late at night, so if my countin' is off somewhere, I apologize. Also note that if you've noticed that my sums are wrong, you spend way too much time on my blog and you should consider taking up a new hobby.

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  1. I'll take palm trees over Lady Gaga any day! Congrats on 100!