Saturday, April 2, 2011

2 april 2011

Normally I like to find some new angle on the front page when I draw it. However, this edition of Mixed Media Daily is mostly just a flat restatement of this sad, troubling story, which is, at its core, the story of the globalization of stupidity.

I don't want to end on such a downer, so I've included a completely unveiled reference to this report about our own Mayor Villaraigosa being chided and mildly fined for accepting tickets to stuff and not reporting them as gifts. I sincerely hope that David Zahniser wins a Pulitzer or a Kids Choice Award or something for penning this: "Villaraigosa's lawyers...argued that the mayor went to expensive events such as the Academy Awards, the American Idol Finale and concerts by Shakira and the Spice Girls as the city's official representative." That's right, folks. Around here city hall considers it important to send a delegation to a Spice Girls concert.

On a side note, fitting "Villaraigosa" into the LAT header space was not easy, and for that reason alone I'm praying that Hizzoner can resist the seductive allure of free, semi-illegal Spice Girls concert tickets in the future.

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