Friday, May 5, 2017

5 May 2017

Jesus, look at these smug pricks. That's Donald Trump, Paul Ryan, and Steve Scalise up there, and they're all super happy because they managed to squeeze some health care legislation through the House! In case you couldn't or wouldn't read the contents of their bill, let me give you a one-sentence summary: They took federal funds away from healthcare programs that aid the poorest and most vulnerable Americans and gave all that money---$600 billion dollars, give or take---to the wealthiest Americans and to insurance companies. And they are really fucking happy about it. They had cases of beer (shitty, shitty bud light, of course, because they are lacking in taste as well as empathy) brought into the white house so they could toast their victory, they were so fucking proud of the fact that they fucked over millions of their fellow citizens. But those people are poor, so fuck them. The rich people they gave all that money to, they're the ones who fund their campaigns.

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