Sunday, May 7, 2017

7 May 2017

Today's A1 drawing most certainly got filtered through up-to-the-minute news gleaned via social media. The LAT story about the French election was that Macron's campaign got hacked and, exactly one day before French voters went to the polls, thousands of documents were dumped, and fake documents were intermixed with the authentic documents. That's potentially a category 5 political shit storm for Macron (how do you say "political shit storm" in Russian? Just asking), but it turns out French voters are not easily swayed by stupid bullshit they read online. Macron won handily, with over 65% of the vote. Well done, France! Oh, and can a bunch of you move here and live in small towns in Pennsylvania and Michigan and get American citizenship by 2020? Merci, that would be great.

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