Sunday, July 16, 2017

16 July 2017

 A hearty mixed media daily welcome to our newest guest paper, the Ventura County Star! They've got a great masthead font (at least for the "Star" part of their name) and a front page that is pretty damn local. I mean, the main story above the fold is about some new bike lanes being planned along Portrero Road (that's up around Thousand Oaks. Oh, and Thousand Oaks is a town in Ventura County. You get the idea). In fact the only common thread between The Star's A1 and the Los Angeles Times' A1 is Wimbledon. LAT had a small blurb about tennis superstar Venus Williams. The Star had a blurb about hometown girl Claire Liu (from Thousand Oaks!) winning the Junior Crown at Wimbledon. Way to go, Claire! I don't know if Junior Crown winners walk off with any money, but if you do, might I suggest investing in a new bike? I hear you're gonna have some sweet bike lanes in your neck of the woods soon.

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