Saturday, April 1, 2017

1 April 2017

All those oddball font choices can only mean one thing---we have a guest paper today! Give a big, warm, flatlander's welcome to The Mountain Enterprise, a weekly paper serving the Mountain communities of the Tejon Pass, an area that connects Los Angeles to the Central Valley. We normally stick to daily papers here at mixed media daily, but news is news, yes? The story that owned the front page (and, in fact, many pages inside as well) was about a guy named Matthew Barr, who was reported to the police by an ex-girlfriend for something, and the investigation of this report led to a 14-hour standoff with police and SWAT teams and a hostage negotiator (although the way the story is written he doesn't appear to have had a hostage). It's not exactly traditional journalism, but it's a great story, full of meandering asides about Matthew's father, Kevin Barr, and the police personnel working the scene, and Matthew's bipolar disorder, and his relationship with an ex-girlfriend that set off a chain of events that led him to be holed up in a house, fending off a SWAT team with bear spray. The closest thing I can compare it to is lyrics to a Mark Kozelek song. That's not a criticism.
Mixed Media Daily will be back to regular old LA Times coverage tomorrow, so we can all get our fix of totally depressing national news.

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