Sunday, April 16, 2017

16 April 2017

Happy Easter/vernal equinox/wickerman-themed blood orgy/whatever you people do to blow off some steam this time of year. If you're a North Korean soldier with unwavering commitment to the motherland, you probably did hours of fascist lockstep marching. If you hate Donald Trump and all the shitty things he stands for, you maybe whipped up a sign and went to one of the many tax day marches that took place around the country. If you're one of Trump's cronies, you probably spent some time defending the administration's decision to keep all the White House visitor logs secret. And, in all likelihood, you were probably yelled at/laughed at for your pathetic attempt. But hey, that's just a hazard of your job. The important thing is that you spend your time and energy defending a person who lies so much that he really can't distinguish fact from fiction anymore, and in fact he doesn't care about that distinction anyway. That's the honorable path. You just stick with it. It's all gonna be fine.

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