Sunday, January 1, 2017

1 January 2017

Hey, look at that, 2016 is finished! Welcome back to Mixed Media Daily Year 2, dozen or so people who care. 

The front page was pretty much an even split between looking back and looking ahead on this first day of the year. I chose to focus on the past, mostly because those two stories represent two radically different lives lived---one cut short and completely heart-wrenching, and one quite long and, well, pretty awesome (full disclosure: I will always favor stories about the fine folks who work in animation in this town). Plus, I felt like on the first day of the year I’d rather ignore the bloviating orange elephant in the room. We have the whole year to talk about that (sigh).

Let’s see, programming notes: This year’s drawings will look a bit different from those done in 2011. I am dispensing with drawing the actual paper, and there is no witty/confusing/lame version of the Los Angeles Times masthead in the drawings. Why? In a nutshell, I’m merely looking for a little more compositional freedom. Of course, I have no hard rule about this, but that’s the plan for now. 

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