Monday, January 9, 2017

9 January 2017

We all know what happened at the Golden Globes, yes? We're all up to date on who won and whatnot? Good. Now who wants to go on a state-sponsored press junket to Tibet?

Also, this is a good time for me to insert what I guess is now my standard disclaimer (since I used a version of this back in 2011) about me drawing famous people: look, drawing famous people is not something i spend a lot of time doing (unless I'm doing this project, i guess). I have friends who are really fine caricaturists, and there are scads of talented folks out there doing this sort of thing  at a much higher level than i could ever hope to reach. I'm just flailing around down here with exactly one passable micron fine tip at the moment (note to self: go to the art store already!), so cut me some slack, Jack. Jacks. And Jills.

Ok, tune in tomorrow when, hopefully, the entire cast of Hamilton will not be on the front page.

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