Wednesday, January 25, 2017

25 January 2017

With the geyser of disconcerting-to-downright-scary news items that are gushing forth from, well, everywhere, I feel like these drawings, which were meant to be a simple one-to-one transaction (i.e., the front page filtered through a drawing), are becoming a much more complicated process (i.e., the front page of the day, filtered through the rest of the news that's actually happening on the day, filtered through a drawing). More on this later, perhaps.

So who are we looking at up there? That guy on the right is our (meaning Californians') Governor, Jerry Brown. In the middle we have Octavia Spencer, and on the right Tritobia Ford, whose son, Ezell, was killed by an LAPD officer, and who is receiving about the same amount of justice that these cases usually get.

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