Monday, February 13, 2017

13 February 2017

Clearly there are more important (and dire) things going on in the world than the Grammys, but hey---this is the town where they happen, so we're putting them right at the top of the front page, because you have to respect the Grammys. Ha! I was kidding. You totally don't have to respect the Grammys, or even tolerate them as far as I'm concerned. But Adele is great (and so is Chance the Rapper, who also appears on the front page but who did not make it into today's drawing. Which means I might have missed my only...opportunity to include him in this project. And I hope you all appreciate the restraint I just demonstrated there. I should get a Grammy for that shit).
And those other framed daubings of color? Well, on the right we have the recently deceased Al Jarreau, and on the left Cambodian political activist Kem Ley. So all decent human beings on A1 today. It's like an early Valentine's Day present from the Times. Awww, Los Angeles Times, you shouldn't have.

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