Saturday, February 18, 2017

18 February 2017

We'd like to extend a big mixed media daily welcome to The Desert Sun, our very first guest paper! The Desert Sun has been serving the Coachella Valley since 1927. They have a great masthead font, and they can tell you a thing or two about the corruption in the Palm Springs mayor's office during Steve Pougnet's tenure. The Pougnet story is literally the entire front page. That and a blurb about high school soccer. In other words, this is very local news. Big news, to be sure---mayors accepting cash for favors is some serious shit---but it reframes issues our national anxiety in more relatable, less scary terms (kleptocrats, they're just like us!). Which is totally refreshing after enduring weeks of dismal reports about our democracy's transformation into a fascist nightmare freakshow. Of course, the other big difference is that Mayor Steve got caught. The larger body politic is still waiting for that big story to break.

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