Saturday, February 25, 2017

25 February 2017

Yes, yes, I know, we're still talking about the goddamn carpets! But c'mon. The show's on Sunday. We'll stop talking about it after then. Probably. Not on Monday, though. That's all we're talking about Monday.
Still, it's not dominating the front page. The fucking pentathlon gets more A1 real estate than the Oscars today.  The pentathlon! Do you even know what the fuck that is? I mean, I didn't, and now I do, and it's super weird and I want to watch it the next time the Olympics happens. And I don't ever want to watch the Olympics. It didn't even make it into my drawing (and believe me, I tried to shoehorn it in there), but I'm still thinking about it and, apparently, writing about it.
The other word of the day is "mufakhakhah," which apparently is the adorable colloquial for "car bomb," at least among those fighting to retake Mosul from the ISIS. A little googling tells me that it is also the surname of a former (deceased) defense minister of the Islamic State. So, you know, feel free to deploy that the next time you're playing scrabble with your nonterrorist friends and relations.

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