Tuesday, February 28, 2017

28 February 2017

With the Oscars officially wrapped up, it's back to drawing more mundane things, like signage and terrible human beings. That unholy abomination up there is Stephen K. (I think it's only one "K," but I might be forgetting a few) Bannon and Stephen Miller, Trump's favorite advisor bros, whom I assume he appreciates because when they're around he's not the only guy in the room who lacks a soul. Now, that drawing might not be a perfect likeness of either of them. I mean, it seems sensible that that this is how they get around in the White House--you know, Bannon detaches his atrophied alien slug body from the humanlike robot body he uses when autonomous movement is preferable (e.g., CPAC conferences and luncheons at Hooters), slithers up onto Miller's head, and steers him around the corridors of power using his many tentacles. Could be true. I mean, I only read fake news like the Los Angeles Times, so how would I know?

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