Wednesday, February 8, 2017

8 February 2017

So if you don't live in Los Angeles this drawing might seem pretty cryptic (hell, maybe they all do, but i prefer to labor under the illusion that this shit makes sense to somebody out there). Most of this image is dedicated to P-22, Los Angeles's very own resident mountain lion. He's been making a home for himself in Griffith Park for a while now. He ate a Koala in our zoo! He's pretty rad.
The guy at the top is Jeff Sickich, the NPS biologist who caught and tagged P-22 so they could track his movements (maybe the "extreme vetting" joke makes more sense now? Maybe not. I realize it was a stretch, but I stand by my terrible punning). Oh, and the haircut in the middle is Betsy DeVos, who, like a urine-soaked pile of leaves that P-22 would assemble for the purpose of finding a mate, lends an unpleasant whiff to the otherwise pleasant scenery.

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