Sunday, February 19, 2017

19 February 2017

To balance out our dive into hyperlocal journalism yesterday, today we're bringing in USA Today as our second guest paper for this project. This paper is all san serif, and bright colors, and a giant blue dot in the masthead (that dot was a globe in an earlier incarnation, which makes way more sense than a giant blue dot), and dealing with the nation as a whole, y'all. Today's drawing comes from the weekend edition, wherein they cram the end of the working week's news into an edition that remains on news stands all weekend. Which is just weird as a concept these days, when news is dished out to you minute by minute, 24/7. But I get it as a thing; if you want a quick scan of the week's big stories, the weekend edition is a reasonable and informative option. And it probably keeps you from losing your fucking mind by checking feeds on your phone every 5-8 minutes of the working day. So, you know, its an option to explore.

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